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With two feet on the ground in Life

Being a woman, feeling feminine

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Now – or (quite) very soon

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Becoming a woman

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Being a woman and also staying a woman

A good Life, Hormones, early Diagnosis

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Going through Life self-determinedly

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We are there for you

Women’s health is something very different from not needing a doctor at the moment. Feeling comfortable with yourself, being a woman with your whole heart (also when it is sometimes very difficult) being satisfied with yourself. That is pretty important as well as physical health, which we all need. Living feminity is a key priority: As a teenager, when feminity with all its Ups and Downs starts, in the important phase with profession and family, or as Best Ager with the peace and experience of the years. We would like to assist you all of the following: With medical knowledge, special competence, with the experience of many years of profession, and – with fondness.

Teenager | young women | pregnant women | pre + during menopause | post menopause

Your consultation Team

We love to work as a team, every day is a new experience. Some of our team have brought us experience from many professional years, others unexpected and new competence, coming from totally different professions. We have various strengths and we bring them all together in our consultation team. We have a great bond through our love for our work: we rise to the challenge of the day, we can rely on each other to assist and care for you together in our consulting rooms. Working together as a team makes our day!

We are there for you.

Providing a Service for our Patients

Naturally we are available on the telephone for you each day of the week. You can, of course, send us inquiries per email and we will ring you back without delay. (Please remember that according to the new data protection guidelines we cannot any longer send you results, diagnosis, doctor’s letters etc. per email). We are very well connected other doctors in Munich and surroundings and we can, whenever necessary, forward you to experienced colleagues in other consultation rooms or hospitals. We will be starting up an emergency telephone within the next few months for our patients, so that you can reach us in urgent cases, in future, also during fringe times (outside consulting hours).

Emergency numbers | contact

Contact us!

+49-89-24 20 35 08

Widenmayerstraße 17 | D-80538 Munich
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gynaecologist Dr. Martin Boos in Munich – Lehel

Dear visitors, my gynaecological consulting rooms are in central Munich in the beautiful Lehel district in Widenmayerstr. 17 and I welcome you heartily to the consulting rooms website.

I present my consulting rooms not only historically but also contemporary newly. New, contemporary modern day, because Dr. Boos consulting rooms exist only since April 2018 in Munich, Lehel. Historically, because the gynaecological care has been taking place at this site for many years. My predecessor, Ms. Dr. Gruppe, from whom I have taken over the consulting rooms, was practising gynaecology here since 2010. She is now also available for my consulting rooms on a fee-paying basis (honorary doctor) for some half days of the week.

New, because we have changed and will still change some content and organisational items. Historically, because we will continue the excellent work of Ms. Dr. Gruppe in the last years, with joy, team spirit and high quality performance in the future. With new priorities but with the same enthusiasm and with heartfelt love for this wonderful profession – gynaecologist.

You are worth it!

Going to the gynaecologist is not a piece of cake! … and no enjoyable entertainment, that is clear! But through personal experience I can tell you: It is also not fun going to the urologist! In spite of this it is necessary to go once a year. I do this too! Cancer prevention / early diagnosis is very important. To take care of and maintain your health – You are definitely worth it!

Tel: +49-89-24 20 35 08

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