Becoming a woman – Being Unique.

What an exciting time! And sometimes your body takes you on a roller coaster!

Do you have questions about the changes in your body, about your monthly periods or about avoiding pregnancy (contraception)? Having pain during sex instead of having fun? How can I protect myself against contracting sexual diseases? What can I do when my period really hurts me? Why am I sometimes in a really bad mood?

You will find a ready open ear and enough time with us for all your questions. If you would like to have the contraceptive pill we will explain the possibilities and specialisations – what you need to be careful of. If it is your first time at the gynaecologist we usually just do an ultrasound.

The standard gynaecological examination on the specialized gynaecological chair does not necessary happen at the first visit. Questions about having sex for the first time, about diseases which can be contracted through sex, hormonal changes, spots and bad skin to everything that is happening in your body – we can explain all of this and help you. .

And if you like you can bring a friend along (male or female) or your mother. Just make an appointment and come along.


This is an important theme for almost all teenagers. The correct contraceptive method which you can rely on is the basis for a beautiful, satisfying sex life especially if you don’t want to become pregnant at the time. The contraceptive method is as individual as each young woman is. From the pill to intrauterine methods, which can be used with very few hormones, (because the device is in the uterus – intrauterine) to non-hormonal contraception – there are a lot of possibilities, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can talk to you about all the available methods and find the best way for you.

Hormone abnormalities and skin

Puberty and the time directly after it (until about 18/19 years) are times of great hormonal changes. Things are really turned upside down! That can lead to a lot of non-desired side effects.

Irregular periods (menstruation) are all right but very heavy or very painful periods are very uncomfortable. Inflammed skin or spots pimples with which you can look side scarface, don’t only hurt but very much interfere with your beauty.

All of this and much more happen due to hormonal changes, espiacially because of hormones which the ovaries are now producing. We know all of this and we can help you to have more comfortable life and look better.


A good immunity (immune protection) should be logical for all young women today. Vaccinations help not only you but also your partner, and depending on the type of vaccination it can help family, friends and acquaintances too.

From the gynaecologist’s view it would be ideal if young women would have a Hepatitis B vaccination as well as the HP virus vaccination before their first sexual encounter because both diseases can be contagious through sexual intercourse experience. HP virus (human papilloma viruses = HPV) is responsible for causing cancer of the neck of the uterus as well as genital warts. Hepatitis is a very serious illness of the liver which can cause the whole body to suffer.

But even if you have already had sex these vaccinations are sensible decision to make. Please talk to us about it.

Undesired pregnancy

Becoming pregnant without wishing to, can trigger a lot of anxiety, uncertainty and refusal.

We will advise you in this situation with the co-operation of the people you would like to have at your side supporting you. We will assist and support you if you don’t know if you should proceed with the pregnancy or not.

Painful periods

Periods (menstruation) are normally not painful. But for some young women they are. Depending on the kind of pain and strength of the pain there are different ways to treat it. It can start with organic meds, through special adequate painkillers up to the pill, which can typically reduce period bleeding and normally leads to less pain. Whatever the case, something can be done about it.

The “After-pill”

Had really good sex and then… an accident with the condom – sh…! Or you didn’t protect yourself frown or ......?

That is a calling for the “after-pill”. At best one should take this med within 24 hrs. Or at least 72 hrs. There are two different kinds of “after-pill”. We can speak to you about the situation and look for the best solution for you. Then you will have a good result.

Patient’s Tip

Painful periods? Sometimes simple remedies can really help to reduce the symptoms: Vitamin B and magnesium, plus drinking a lot of water or tea (Frauenmanteltee = Lady’s mantle tea). Old but good advice – a really warm bath with relaxing bath salts or a hot water bottle on the abdomen. If you do need painkiller – you can get a mixture of Butylscopolamin and Paracetamol without a prescription. This is easy to take without side effects. Buscopan Plus ® often helps enough.

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