Pregnant – now, or very soon ?

What a time! A person growing in another person! Eventful, Joy, Worry, Amazement and a hundred other emotions overwhelming you. The unknown and the unexpected are so close to one another and to touching. We would really like to accompany you on your way through the pregnancy and go with you, if necessary, with our network of other colleagues, just in case you should receive the title of a high-risk pregnancy! We would never let you alone with your thoughts, worries and questions, always concious of the knowledge that we are caring for two people. We will try to organize as much individuality as possible for you and your child.

Your pregnancy – our medical checkups – The overall view

Before the pregnancy:

You should pay attention to

  • Take folic acid
  • Have your Vaccination card checked
1 – 4 weeks of pregnancy


  • – not with us.
  • You can do a pregnancy test and be thrilled!

Good to know:

  • Continue to take folic acid, no smoking, no alcohol from the time you become aware that you are pregnant.
5 – 8 weeks of pregnancy


  • Confirmation of pregnancy with ultrasound.
  • Blood tests to check all blood results according to maternity regulations.
  • Extra analysis of blood electrolytes and further metabolic parameters.
  • In addition – nutritional, professional and lifestyle advice.

Good to know:

  • Don’t eat raw meet
  • Don’t eat or drink any raw milk products
Antenatal Card. The German “Mutterpass”

This is the most important document for the pregnancy and it has a collection of nearly all checkups, measures and results which we do for you and your baby during the pregnancy.

9 – 12 weeks of pregnancy


  • Checkup of the uterus
  • Microscopic smear test (vaginal health care)
  • Ultrasound of baby ( 1. ultrasound screening)
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight measurement
  • Examination of the cervix
  • Blood test to examine immunity against:
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Cytomegalovirus
    • Erythema infectiosum
    • Chicken pox

Good to know:

  • Daily iodine intake – about 150 – 200 yg for the whole pregnancy.
  • Further intake of folic acid until about 15/16 week of pregnancy.
  • Avoid cats’ excretion.
  • Often and careful daily hand washing (60 seconds).
13. – 14 week of pregnancy


  • If necessary, more detailed ultrasound examination to exclude children’s diseases, including nuchal fold scan
  • If necessary, blood tests to exclude chromosome disorders of baby
  • If necessary, colour doppler analysis (special kind of sonography) to estimate a risk of eclampsia
15 – 18 weeks of pregnancy


  • urin test
  • Analysis of blood tests, electrolytes and further metabolic parameters.
  • Ultrasound of baby’s growth.
  • If necessary, (maybe) examination of cervix and neck of uterus.

Good to know:

  • If it is your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, you will notice baby ovements towards the end of this time.
  • Look around for a midwife and antenatal course, as well as for care after the birth.
19 – 22 weeks of pregnancy


  • Second ultrasound screening, due to maternity guidelines
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • maybe examination of cervix and neck of uterus.

Good to know:

  • If it is your first pregnancy, you will notice baby movements around the middle of this time.
  • If you have muscular or uterine cramps, cramps in the back of your legs (calves), magnesium intake could help.
  • If not already organized look for a midwife and register for an antenatal course.
23 – 28 weeks of pregnancy


  • Maybe a vaginal (cervix and uterine neck) examination.
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • Blood test for the second antibody test
  • Oral glucose-tolerance test to exclude diabetes in pregnancy
  • Maybe 3D/4D ultrasound in addition to color-doppler analysis

Good to know:

If you have not done right now, look around for a maternity hospital for the birth. Nearly all maternity hospitals offer information evenings and or labour ward tours.

29 – 31 weeks of pregnancy


Third ultrasound screening, due to maternity guidelines

  • Maybe vaginal examination (cervix and neck of uterus)
  • Ultrasound screening
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • Cardiotocography – a simultaneous drawing of the baby’s heart beat and the muscle tone of the uterus.

Good to know:

From now on every two weeks a checkup at the gynecologist with Cardiotocography (CTG) as well as other checks. Plan enough time.

32 – 35 weeks of pregnancy


  • If necessary vaginal examination
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure, blood tests for Hepatitis Serum and maybe blood tests / electrolytes / metabolic parameters.
  • CTG

Good to know:

  • The legal protection time of expectant and nursing mothers starts at the end of the 35 weeks of pregnancy.
  • If it hasn’t happened already – registration at a maternity hospital !!!
36 – 39 weeks of pregnancy


  • Maybe vaginal examination
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • Swab for streptococci
  • Ultrasound, maybe colour doppler examination.


Good to know:

The suitcase for the maternity hospital should be packed and finished and ready for use at the end of 36 weeks of pregnancy.

40 weeks of pregnancy


  • Maybe vaginal examination
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • Possibly ultrasound
41 – 42 week of pregnancy


  • If necessary vaginal examination
  • Urin test
  • Blood pressure and weight checks
  • Maybe ultrasound / colour doppler examination

Good to know:

Only 4 % of babies are born on the estimated date of birth. Most babies arrive during the time between 10 days before and 10 days after the date of birth. So stay calm.

Special Examinations


“Cardiotocography” This is a graph of the heart beat and heart frequency of the baby, and, at the same time, a measurement of the contractions. This procedure is carried out during pregnancy as well as during the birth. The diagram of the heart frequency can show a burden or inadequate supply with oxygen of the unborn baby.

Doppler Sonography

This is a measurement of the blood flow in the umbilical cord, as well as in other maternal and embryonic blood vessels. This information makes it possible, especially in the case of a high-risk pregnancy, to diagnose early inadequate situations beyond CTG and the amniotic fluid, and to curtail the right date of birth.

3D Ultrasound

Just lovely to look at. Becoming more relevant with (still very rare) medical questions.

Early Child Diagnosis

With certain questions or a desire for more information about the health of your baby, we can present a lot of the baby’s development, with a detailed ultrasound in the 12./ 13./14. week of pregnancy.

Our aim is to exclude diseases and developmental abnormalities of your baby, as much as possible. At this early stage, of course, even with this detailed examination of an experienced doctor and modern technological devices we cannot exclude all abnormalities and developmental defects. Small defects and even some children with chromosome abnormalities are not able to be seen with ultrasound examination.

But a high amount of serious diseases can be detected. With this and a clear picture we would like to give you a good feeling for the pregnancy and the development of your baby.

Laboratory Examinations

We can certainly advise you about the routine blood tests according to the pregnancy regulations as well as sensible or necessary examinations.

Nuchal Fold Scan / First Trimester Screening

A detailed certified ultrasound in the 11th – 14th week of pregnancy. This examination is to look into the risk of a genetically inherited disease / condition of the baby, for example Trisomy 21 (also called Down’s Syndrome or Mongolism). In addition, it is to monitor the whole health of the baby as much as possible, at this stage, according to the anatomy and organ functions, which can be presented, at this time.

Prenatal Diagnosis

This is normally a specialized detailed ultrasound diagnosis or invasive procedure like an amniocentesis, or specialized blood analysis. We can offer you a lot of these examinations in our consulting rooms. For extra investigations we have been working closely with competent colleagues for several years and will send you there, if necessary. We would be happy to advise you about this theme if you wish or if it is necessary.


Sonography means the illustration of the unborn baby in the mother’s womb (uterus) or also the presentation of parts of organs of the baby. This ultrasound is very important for our work and it is like a third eye for us. Apart from pregnancy we need it for general gynaecological examinations as well as cancer prevention care and the after-care of malignant conditions. Ultrasound examination has become an integral part of pregnancy care and provides, with its variety of medical uses, an early live picture of the baby for the mother.

Good to know:

Ultrasound is for everybody, also for small children in the womb, not a dangerous examination. Usually three ultrasound examinations are routinely carried out in pregnancy at certain organized times. The little babies are examined for growing phases and proper organ development. In addition, according to necessity extra ultrasound examinations will be carried out.

Blood Sugar Test

To exclude pregnancy diabetes in pregnancy we offer you a glucose test (Glucose Tolerance Test) according to the recommended Diabetes Specialist Association. Your blood sugar test is carried out according to standard conditions at certain time periods. You need time for this test – it usually takes about 2 ½ hours.

Tip for Patients

Stay calm and relaxed and be careful with advice from others, even when it is from Mrs. So and So, from “experienced mothers” with one or more children, good friends, mother and mother in law, Dr. Google or a neighbor with a medical profession. The list of advisors is sometimes infinite and the limited advice of these advisors too! Your partner, your doctor, your midwife – they are the best consultants. With all the rest you should react calm and relaxed and - sometimes make yourself scare!

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