Being a woman and staying a woman – A good life – hormones and early diagnosis

Every woman certainly experiences this time of a change differently but nobody escapes it. Your body and soul play roller coaster with you again, combined with enormous changes in your metabolism.

We don’t want to leave you alone with these changes. Just to mention a few: new and different appearances of your body, changed sexual feelings and emotions. With our knowledge and especially in the field of hormones we can help you and not leave you alone at this time.

Notwithstanding these processes it is sometimes necessary to carry out special examinations and diagnosis, maybe an operation. We can find a good path for you together.

We will explain the examination results carefully to you so that you know what is happening with you and that will give you the opportunity to take part in making decisions and to support your health. In addition, we find it very important to offer good, adequate after-care after illness or operations because we wish you to get better speedily in body and soul.


Good or bad, a well of youth or a devil’s circle, often hormones are unfortunately pegged as this. Even though hormones are only special biochemical messengers which are produced and set free from certain organs and body cells. They aim to affect other organs (goal organs) in a special way or to influence metabolism or regulate it.

Examples of these regulations are carbohydrate and fat metabolism but of course, also the menstruation course of women. Hormones play a major role during the menopause.

As for the menopause – The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, now about 18 years ago, caused a lot of uncertainty about hormone therapy (HRT). The partly intentional false interpretation of the study led to women and doctors stopping hormone therapy or just not starting with it at all. Recently the leaders of this study admitted, at last, publically to this false interpretation. They regret that millions of women in the last few years became ill or had to put up with a much worse quality of life because of not having adequate hormone therapy. An example for this is a study from California, which showed that since the first appearance of the WHI study in the year 2002 (observing 81.000 women) the number of femoral neck fractures (hip) in women went up by 50%, with a simultaneous decrease in hormone replacement therapy at the same time by 85%. There are a lot of more examples. If you have questions about this topic, please speak to us.

Dr. Boos has focused on the field of hormones and has furthered his education specialising in hormone and metabolic therapies.


The theme of contraception is for almost all women a very important one before, and during the menopause. A good contraceptive method, without being worried about pregnancy is important for a beautiful and relaxed sex life.

The methods of contraception are as individual as every woman is. The good old pill is often no great help anymore in this phase of life. But there are lots of other possibilities. From hormone combinations which are adequate (even though that is not listed in the instruction leaflet) at this stage of life, to intrauterine methods which need only be accompanied by very few hormones up to hormone free contraception, there are a lot of ways, which all have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention is very important and becomes more important by getting older. Malignant tumors appear more often with increasing age. In Germany we have a very good and wide variety of methods to detect cancer illness early. In addition to cancer prevention care at the gynaecologist, mammography screening is recommended to all women from the age of 50 years in Germany.

This is of course, an examination with advantages and disadvantages. But in our opinion the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. Early diagnosis makes it possible for us to heal cancer completely in a lot of cases. Therefore, we would like to motivate you to have cancer prevention care regularly, and to speak to us about the accompanying examinations of other specialized fields.

Menopausal complaints

Around the time of the last period, a difficult time (meno-pause) starts for many women. The so – called “change”, which is a decrease in the ovarian functions, often brings uncomfortable results like hot flushes, hair fallout, mood-swings, weight increase, tension, sleeping disorders, reduced performance, headaches, and, and, and …

So that you can feel good in yourself again, we can help you through this difficult time of change. There are a lot of natural treatments or also the classical pharmacological therapy with the help of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We can assist you along this path and we will care for you at any time during it.

A key point of Dr. Boos studies was hormone therapy and associated metabolic processes. Please contact us if you are in this situation or you need advice or support


This is the science which studies cancer. Unfortunately cancer illness is part of our daily routine. The topic of breast cancer is known to almost everyone but also a lot of other kinds of not – so – often seen cancers in the field of gynaecology belong to our daily work in the practice. We will advise you in the case of a suspicion of a malignant tumor about the next possible steps and we will accompany you in your care if the suspicion is confirmed.

We stay at your side also through an operation, or if chemotherapy or other medical treatments are necessary. We will care for you with the needed medication and supervise the post care examinations in the following years. We work in this situation very closely with the specialists from other fields, to guarantee you the best possible treatment focused on your health.

Patient’s Tip

Just at the begining of the climacteric period, when there is still some activity of the ovaries, organic medication can help to give relief for the symptoms of the start of the lack of hormones. The black cohosh (Traubensilberkerze) and pie plant (Rhapontik – Rhababer) are used in medications and can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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